Family Empowerment
Self-advocacy is an essential skill that must be fostered in our bilingual/multilingual families. Professional interpreters/translators in education support families with communication to ensure that families can protect their own rights and lift their own voices. The multilingual documents below describe the basic knowledge and skills that families should expect from professional interpreters/translators in education, provide a list of useful phrases that families can use during a meeting involving an interpreter, and offer a way for families to provide feedback about the interpretation services received. We thank our Stakeholders Committee and our Multilingual Advisory Board for offering these resources to our communities in over 12 languages!

NEW! Child Interpreters and Translators: Fact sheet for parents/caregivers created by RevED (Revolución Educativa: and translated by our Multilingual Advisory Board


Interpreter Feedback Form: Share Your Experience (Coming Soon!)

Child Interpreters and Translators: Is it right or wrong for our children to "translate" for us? (Coming soon!)