National Association Of Educational Translators
And Interpreters Of Spoken Languages

National Association of Educational Translators
and Interpreters of Spoken Languages

Guide for Spoken Language Interpreters in Education Series

Written by our stakeholders for our stakeholders: Educators, Interpreters/Translators and Linguistically Diverse Families. Stay tuned for our monthly publications!

Understanding the Rules: Language Access for Families in U.S. Schools

by Joana Ramos, MSW, Language Policy Consultant

Language Access and Equal Footing: A Personal Perspective

by Ana Soler BSW, MPH, NAETISL Chairperson

Understanding Disability Categories

by Dr. Rita Brusca-Vega, Professor Emeritus, Purdue University

English Language Development Programs and Services

by Dr. Wendy Gonzales, Assistant Professor, Special Education, Northeastern Illinois University

Interpreting in Programs for Young Children

by Laura B. Price, MEd, MA

Best Practices for Educational Translators and Interpreters of Spoken Languages

Tips and suggestions for interpreters and educators.

Best Practices for Large Meetings

Tips and suggestions for translators and educators.

Toolkit for Spoken Language Interpreters in Education

Code of Ethics, Best Practices and more!

Guidelines for School Personnel Collaborating with Professional Interpreters in Education

Tips and suggestions to collaborate with interpreters effectively and ensure accuracy of information.

Remote Interpretation - Best Practices for Interpreters in Education

Remote interpretation resources and suggestions for interpreters and school personnel..

What to Expect from an Interpreter

Self-advocacy tools for emergent bilingual families. Read More

Speech & Language Pathologists and Interpreters

Suggestions from audiologists and SLPs when collaborating with interpreters.

School Psychologists and Interpreters

Suggestions from School Psychologists when collaborating with interpreters.

Interpreting with Occupational Therapists

Suggestions from Occupational Therapists when collaborating with interpreters.

Language Access Requirements and Best Practices

Equity Through Language Access: Best Practices for Collaborating with Interpreters By Laura Gardner, Dr. Jennifer Love (2021)